Mike Dyer

Currently in counselor training.  He will be serving the Trumbull County area.

Mike Dyer, helping to bring financial peace to the people in the communities of Trumbull County, Ohio.

Mike has a bachelor’s degree in Corporate Communication from Walsh University in North Canton, Ohio.  He also completed his second bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Youngstown State University in 2012.  He graduated with honors (debt free) and was a member of two distinguished national honor societies.  Before wanting to become a financial counselor, Mike had a strong ambition to become a college professor, but found that financial counseling was his true calling in life. 

Mike, along with his wife Brooke, are completely debt free, except for the home mortgage.  Mike and Brooke both attended college without accumulating any student loan debt, an extreme rarity in today’s society.  Mike is undergoing rigorous training under Phil Dyer, a certified Dave Ramsey Financial Counselor, and went through Financial Peace University.  Mike hopes to help you achieve long-lasting financial peace and prosperity!