Premarital & Newly Wed Counseling:

FINANCIAL STRESS can be VERY DIFFICULT to manage in your marriage. Unfortunately, financial stress and discord are the main causes of divorce in the United States.  Many things in life are UNEXPECTED and the sooner you are debt free or stay out of debt in the first place - the sooner you can build long-lasting financial peace and prosperity as a couple.

Imagine living the rest of your life Debt Free.  No student loans, no car payments, no credit card payments -- it is possible-- but you need to start now with guidance!  This can be difficult with so many key financial decisions that you need to make as you begin your financial journey.  We're here to help.

Having a written, easy to follow, thought-out financial plan is the key ingredient to having financial success.  Don’t make the same mistakes many others have made.  Greatly increase the odds of having a successful marriage by letting us teach you how to work together as a couple and build a solid financial future together.  

We will meet with you one-on-one to discuss your situation and understand your financial goals and dreams as a new couple.  Then we'll work with you to develop a comprehensive, yet simple, plan to help you pay off debt or stay out of debt.  We will then guide you into the principles of building wealth for your family - a fully funded emergency fund, a solid retirement plan, debt-free college for your children, and paying for a home very quickly.

You'll always have control of your own finances and understand the plan we implement because we will make it easy to understand.  It will be your very own personalized plan!

Living life paycheck to paycheck is way too expensive and frustrating.  Don’t spend the rest of your lives paying for it.  To get started on your own personalized plan --Contact us -- today and let us guide you to financial freedom that builds long-lasting prosperity.