Phil Dyer, President of Compass Financial Counseling/Coaching, and his highly-trained counseling team want to be your personal financial coach. 


Phil has been the owner and operator of several successful businesses throughout the last 33 years. He is the author of “Mistakes That Can Cause You to Cut Your Standard of Living in Retirement, and How to Avoid Them” (copyright 2003). Phil's experience and financial background has allowed his businesses to overcome adverse economic times and prosper.

For nearly two decades, Phil specialized in retirement income planning and was owner and operator of an independent insurance agency with a specialization in retirement income planning. 

He gave up a lucrative retirement income planning career to become a financial coach.  Phil has always had the heart of a teacher, and his life calling is to help people escape financial bondage and learn to prosper. This is why we do financial coaching and do not sell financial products.

After receiving training through Dave Ramsey, God began preparing Phil for the ministry of financial counseling.  As a Dave Ramsey Certified Financial Counselor, Phil takes the skills he learned through his training, along with the countless hours of one-on-one coaching he has done with his clients to help others become debt free, live debt free, and build lasting wealth along the way.  At Compass, Phil's entire team of highly trained Financial Coaches will help you do the same.  Contact Us today to see how you can begin your journey today!